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Seventy Before Seventy

One of my favorite assignments for my students each year was “Thirty Before Thirty” (by Robert Wilder).  As I neared retirement, I began to think about what this list would look like for me; I even joked with the students and wrote my “Six Before Sixty” list on the board a time or two. (They weren’t very interested, understandably.) As I transition this blog from teaching to retirement, I thought about my tagline. I’ve been quite scattered, working on too many projects I have waited years to have time for. I found I have way more than six things I’d like to experience and accomplish before age seventy; I’m already past the sixty mark! I’ve always enjoyed the number seventy (especially in the 1970s, when our national government had the since-debunked idea that restricting the speed limit to 55 miles per hour would be safer). I need to record the unorganized list of things I want to do in retirement; even if there are not actually seventy items at present, there is the possibility of a good number eventually. 

It has a nice symmetry to it: Seventy Before Seventy. I did a web search in case someone else had the idea first, and the closest I found was a woman who wrote a book, Seven Before Seventy, about visiting all seven continents. Relieved, because I always feel not too original, as if everything has been done and created before….That’s another subject (which seems pretty boring itself).

Let’s see where this goes. Maybe I can help someone else who is in the same stage of life, in the absence of the much-appreciated More magazine.