Thirty Before Thirty

Thirty Before 30:

Please list thirty things you would like to do before you reach the age of thirty, with no category repeats. In other words, do not write thirty different cars you’d like to someday own. Also, consider things beyond consumerism and money—What would you like to learn or know; who would you like to meet, love, or help? This assignment should be a bit difficult, if you invest some time to think about it. Please keep your list (after it’s been graded) until you actually are thirty years old (so you may reminisce and reflect).

Follow-up (Future Reflection):

Choose one entry and imagine how it will be to do that thing. For example, if you want to skydive, write a story that describes the event and how you will feel moment by moment as you strap on your chute, pull the ripcord, and sail toward the ground. The same applies for driving that fancy truck or living with that “perfect” partner. Focus on describing the situation using specific details, and examining your feelings as you experience each moment.

Thank you!

 Adapted from a lesson by Robert Wilder published in Classroom Notes Plus, April 2011

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