Retaliation–Post to United Opt Out National’s Facebook page

At Kealakehe High School in Kailua Kona, Hawaii– My administrators are attempting to remove me from teaching Grade 11 English because of my actions in providing information to students who inquired about how to opt out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment. As our administrators began receiving opt out letters from parents, teachers were warned in a faculty meeting, and a librarian was directed to not answer student questions about opting out. I was then cautioned in a private meeting with a VP that “if this is presented as a lesson [it was not], you must address both sides.” Today, in another meeting, I was informed that Admin would like to remove me from teaching 11th grade due to my actions in allegedly providing articles and form letters to students wishing to opt out. They would like to place me in Grades 9-10–I’ve been teaching 11/12 for about nine years. (They attempted to do the same thing last year, due to my stated opinions about common assessments, common scripted [Springboard] curriculum, and excessive mandated data collection. Last year my union backed me up, and I was allowed to stay in my position if I promised to comply with all common assessments.) I am awaiting further news next week on how exactly they are hoping to accomplish their goal. I don’t have figures on how many students opted out this year, but it was apparently enough to cause our administration to fear disciplinary action if they fail to achieve their 95% participation rate.