2014 Senior Wills

Seniors, please add your personal senior will here–you know, all the items you want to “will” or leave to the poor souls who will be slaving away here after you graduate. Thank you for contributing to posterity!

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39 thoughts on “2014 Senior Wills”

  1. I Riley Carson leave my procrastination to the rest of you high schoolers

  2. Mark Delatorre
    I will leave behind the best of luck to all my friends that will still be in school when i leave. I will leave behind a tip which is to not procrastinate and most of all i will leave behind the pump ive been getting in Coach K’s weight room!

  3. I, Jackie Keanaaina will leave behind my happiness and great memories with my classmates. I encourage under classmates to keep their head high and to be a leader and not a follower. I also will leave behind the goofyness I had with my friends and classmates. It was a AWESOME year!

  4. I, Hanna Lou, will leave behind my footprints to lead you to BELIEVE…so dream BIG!
    And be nice to people. It’s a wonderful legacy to leave behind. (:

  5. I, Anela Freitas will leave my funniest and amazing personality behind where people will remember me and teachers.

  6. I, Zoli Fistes, will leave behind some words of advice for the underclassmen. Always try your best and don’t procrastinate because all that hard work will be worth it at end when you graduate.

  7. I Gabriela Cifuentes will leave my fun and joyful memories I had at this school. And advice I have to the underclassmen is just enjoy high school and make good memories because it passes by too fast!!

  8. I, Reymart Delrosario will leave behind the challenge of trying to make a better yearbook to the underclassmen since all the 4 year yearbook students are graduating.

  9. I, Denver Sadoy, will leave behind my unhappy days through my school and do not procrastinate. Go to all your classes.

  10. I, Joseph Schultz, will leave behind my wonderful study guide notes for Mr. Witsman’s Hawaiian Civics class so the up coming students will have notes to study before they take their tests and quizzes. Also I will leave behind all the childish things I have done throughout high school.

  11. I, Vinny Cervantes-Bautista, leave behind a message to the underclassmen. Do your homework, make good choices, and never, I repeat, never, ever procrastinate! Trust me, you don’t want to fail any of your classes and not walk the line at all. Trust me, future WaveRiders, for I will be an Alumni of Kealakehe High School.

  12. I, ginger kamauu will leave behind all the pointless things we had to do through out the years and the pointless dramas that were created, and embrace the future with a positive mind set and will simply enjoy my life out of high school <3 i will leave behind the bad memories and will take the good memories.

  13. My name is Rebecca And I leave behind all the drama and annoying things of high school. I leave behind my knowledge and advice for my brother who will be a freshman next year.

  14. I Josslynn Nakasone will leave behind my study notes from Mr . Monells class for those will absolutely help you pas at the end of the year ! I will also leave behind these words of advice ” Don’t take what you have for granted for one day you will miss it dearly when its gone ” . I also leave behind the nonsense and drama of high school for it will truly not be missed !!

  15. I Hokuala Kamaka being of sound mind will my Notes from US History to anyone who can read my hand writing because it’s hard to understand.

  16. My name is Arthur, I will leave some advice to the underclassmen. Go to all your classes and do not procrastinate. I will leave all the struggles and hard times behind. Good luck to you all and enjoy life.

  17. My name is Breeann Valeros-Oandasan, I will leave behind all the NON-SENSE drama that wasted ALL of my time! And I will also leave behind the POINTLESS PTP! I’m ready to start the next chapter in my life <3 Advice for underclassmen, NEVER PROCRASTINATE! P.S. Mrs. Yarmola, your the best teacher ever & don't take advantage of her! (:

  18. I leave behind the kindness of friendship & the moments of great and valuable memories to be cherished..!!!

  19. HI, My name is Riandara Phrombon. I will leave behind my friends, teacher and history in high school. I will miss everything that i did even it wasn’t a good memory. I will miss it. I will miss the first time that I met everybody that I knew in high school.

  20. I Dasia Garcia, will leave behind all the unforgettable memories that high school had too offer me, stressing over PTP expecially! I can now say Kiss My @$5 too that…while I go off to college & start a new chapter of my life<3 My advice to all you underclassmen is to not procrastinate & enjoy your years of high school as it will go by faster than you think. (:
    *Shoutout too Mrs. Yarmola-hands up the best teacher I ever had. (; Super cool, chill, but do not take advantage… (Blah blah blah) Lol.


  21. I, Marielle Hadap will leave this quote for those with a bad past:
    The past does not control your present or your future. Every day’s a new beginning and a chance to start again

  22. Mehi Talasinga be thy name ‘guh . I leave behind my pride, joy and humble self. My words of encouragement to the next generation is to NOT procrastinate! And to not take Mrs. Yarmola for granted. If you do, I’ll hunt you down with my Poly coconut broom ! Fank you Mrs. Yarmola for the teachings you fed my coconu less brain throughout second semester . Love you much and God Bless 《3

  23. I, Reneelena Edwin Welle, hereby leave behind my pixie dust of awesomeness, vivacious high-spirited laughter through the halls, wild personality at school events (or everywhere), and a song y’all can bust it to. #DropThatNAENAE

  24. This is Nainoa Hee, cant wait to graduate and miss Yarmolas class is da best. My messege to all the under classman is dont have any dramas just be cruise and nice to everybody.

  25. My name is Justyce, I wish to leave all the drama and nonsense this school has put me through. But on a real, maybe I’ll leave some real deal salad for lunch without the bugs. Mrs. Yarmola has taught us so much that we should all carry with us after high school. Remember that the choices you make will always have effects in your life. Live strong and Love Jah

  26. I, Talisa Ku’upuamakamaekonaonaonakamakanamaikalanimai Heneralau, will leave behind PTP, and all the bullshhhet Kealakehe High School put me through. On the other hand, I will leave all the laughter, good times, positive vibes, and friendship that grew over the 4 long years here and hope for the best to the new slaves of this school.

  27. My name is kamalani Caceres and I will leave behind toilet paper and soap for our bathrooms that never have any(;

  28. Hello everyone, this is turfa. The best high school memory that I will leave behind is G.P.A-4 in all my classes. I feel great about my performance at school. I will also leave behind many good memories that I spent with my friends and teachers. I will miss my high school so much.
    Thank You……….

  29. I,Liani Taufa will leave my ROYAL LOUD OBNOXIOUS memories back, and encourage you underclassmens to stay in school&read the books, cause aint nobody GOT TIME to repeat high school. ya feel me? however, I know for a fact Life may not always be the way you want it, but if you give your full potential into what is being accomplished, best believe it will be successful. &Don’t FOLLOW your DREAMS, LEAD your DREAMS…….. Be your own FABULOUS!!!!

    P.S. Mrs.Yarmola, thanks for being the Cool, Chill Teacher that you’re! Have a good yet safe summer.

    Loverrrrrrrr yoooooouuuu

  30. My will to the school is too leave all my stress and all my bad memories here and live a happy life when I graduate. 🙂

  31. My name is keoni Yates, glad to be done with high school and ready to leave for college, for the rest of you that are still in high school have a good one and enjoy it while you can.

  32. I, Stetson Ramento, give full respect–you have so much time as a youngen to be prepared for the future. I was a troubled kid but understand that there is always someone better than you. Be proud of who you are and if you give any trouble to Mrs.Yarmola I am going to come back and lick all of you

  33. Going into high school you should always do two things. And one of those things is to do your work! Just get it done before you do what ever you had planned that day. In doing this it will benefit you in the future. Another is to pay attention to what you are doing, otherwise you’re not learning anything that you’re doing when it comes down to doing homework. Also one more thing that will help not only you but your teachers as well, is to respect them. Respect the ones that try and help you more. Because they are the ones who care and want you to succeed. Never slack off, stay on track; also it wouldn’t hurt to Respect your parents most of all. Also Mrs. Yarmola is the coolest teacher.

  34. I, Tyler La Salle, leave my witty one-liners and conspiracy theories to Thunder Frost, may he forever cherish them.

  35. I Kahi Young highly encourage the unfortunate underclassmen to be smart. Don’t be a follower. Do things at your own risk. Remember your choices are always subsequently followed by a circumstance. Whether good or bad, you will always be recognized for the choices you make, and the things that you do. Be careful in life, and life will take you far.

  36. I, Mana Simeona, leave behind the wise words of staying in school and not procrastinating.

  37. I Gary Duguran-Sales do hereby will Mr.Ibarra my awesome ability to jam projects because you’ll need it with all the lazy kids now days, I also leave Charles Kaleo and all the under classmen common sense because apparently it’s not so common now days!

  38. My name is Tayana, I will leave behind the unsatisfied lunches but they were only appealing because of how hungry I was at the time. I will leave behind the laughter of friendship which grew over the years at Kealakehe. I also do hereby will leave this wonderful stepping stone in life and hope that many more graduate and less drop out.

  39. My name is keilah, I will leave behind my last name to my brother, may he carry the buehler legacy. I shall also leave behind the words of wisdom to whom ever shall read the bathroom stall in D building, may those words help you through hard times. And finally I shall leave behind my favorite spot under the tree by the boob, May the circle of life crew sit under that tree and be cool under the shade… Yeahhhhh.

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