2012 Senior Wills

Aloha Waveriders!
It’s that time of the year for seniors to bequeath their belongings (in spirit) and/or wishes to those left behind. Please contribute your Senior Will along the lines of: “I, [name], being of sound mind, do hereby will _________________________ to ____________________.”

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5 thoughts on “2012 Senior Wills”

  1. I, Kehau Jelsma, being of sound and mind do hereby will all of my stress to Kealakehe High School!

  2. I Brandon being of sound mind do hereby wish good luck to all teachers with troublesome students.

  3. I, Christian Castro, being of sound mind do hereby will Erwin Jadraque my Braddah memories in Mrs. Yarmola’s sitting in front row playing with our finger Skateboards and let all the youngin’s get their little toys taken away.

  4. I Erwin being of sound mind will give my cousin my reputation at kealakehe high school.

  5. I Brittany Ann Dodson, being of sound mind, do hereby will all my love to my little sister Amanda Dodson for the next two years that she is in High school here, because I will not be here to watch after her after this year.

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