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Please use your persuasive writing skills to convince a skeptic of the value of watching films related to the literature covered in high school. You may reference our recent film The Grapes of Wrath. Remember to acknowledge and respond to previous posters.

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11 thoughts on “Films in school”

  1. I think watching a film is very important because by watching it, you can get clear image of the story. For example, we read Scarlet Letter in the class but because it uses many inscrutable vocabulary and grammar and sometime i didn’t get clear image of what the story is. But by watching film of Scarlet Letter I got clear image of story and it helped a lot to do the project about Scarlet Letter. So I believe it is important to watch the film in class.

  2. I think it is very important that we watch films in class because some films can address very important information. I feel that I always learn a lot when I watch a film in class. I watch a film in almost of of my classes and am sometimes required to take notes, which is just like taking notes with the teacher standing in front of class lecturing. Another benefit from watching films is that you can visually see what is happening which makes learning for most students a lot easier.

  3. I think that watching movies in school based on the curriculum is a different way of learning. People may think its a waste of time but in reality it is a new way of teaching students after they have read the book or discussed a particular concept in class. This is also another good way to “wrap up” that section in class. By watching a movie, it provides teacher’s different assignments to assign their students for homework; e.g. compare and contrast essay, reflection of the movie, and etc.
    In my opinion, by watching movies I am able to have a clearer visual in my head about the plot of the book/concept and I also understand the main idea from the book. I also enjoy watching movies because instead of always reading out of a textbook or listening to a teacher give us a lecture for the whole class period, we are able to relax and never get “bored” in class. I always have a good time in Mrs. Yarmola’s class; she is a great teacher. 😀

  4. I think that watching movies in class are important if there are strong ties to what we are learning in class. Watching a movie on a book we read really helps me get a different perspective. The way we picture the book in our head and the way a director pictures it is much different.We get to see the different point of view and compare and contrast what is missing from the movie, maybe its parts of the book that really weren’t needed or it changes the plot all together, these are things we have to think about.

  5. Many educators believe that students should have an assignment while viewing the film–to fill in a worksheet or answer questions. What are the pros and cons of this approach?
    Thank you for your thoughts on this question.

  6. I really enjoy the care-free feeling I get when I am in your class. I also appreciate the movies we get to watch….they usually make my day when all I do in previous classes is boring class work.

  7. I think that watching movies in class is a very important role in our learning. Schools and teachers sometimes just expect us to read the book and understand the whole plot and theme. I believe that by watching the movies in class, us students, get a better understanding of what the movie/book is trying to tell us. It is also a lot more interesting than just sitting there all class period and reading. Nobody likes that.

  8. I feel that watching movies after reading the book helps us understand the book more because we actually have a visual. Students these days need a visual to understand what is really happening in the story. Movies have more twists and plots which draws the students in to the story. 🙂

  9. Watching movies relating to what we read in class helps us, as students visulize what the story is about. When people read, they don’t always catch the author’s tone or voice. Without that, the reader could misread the theme of the story. Watching movies help us understand more in depth of the characters and the scene. With the actors’ facial experssion we are able to understand the book more clearly through each character’s actions and behaviors. Movies also gives students more interest to the story rather than just reading the book.

  10. Watching a movie for a book we had recently read does help. It gives us a better understanding of what we read. It’s a good review and may clear up some of the thngs that don’t make sense to us in the book.

  11. I wish we had been able to view movies in class when I was in high school! I think it would have helped us to understand what we were reading and would have added interest.

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