15 thoughts on “Mock Trial of Huckleberry Finn”

  1. I love mark twain’s writing, especially in Huck finn. It’s so dumb that people are trying to edit it to make it “politically correct”. I say leave it as it is because it’s awesome. It’s representing a different time period, people thought differently about african Americans. Awesome book

  2. The mock trial went great! I thought that everyone did their roles as well as they should’ve, and I thought that Chancellor and Devin did a god job and they thoroughly knew everything they needed to know to win, which they successfully did! It was great!

  3. Overall, I think the trial went pretty well. Although I wasn’t here to read the book, the trial helped me to understand the controversy of the book. The trial went well in the end, however there was some confusion and it could’ve been rehearsed more thoroughly.

  4. I would love to have input, however I was absent on the day of the mock trial. I was there on the practice mock trial and felt that was conducted very well and was very productive in helping the students understand the controversy of the book.

  5. I think that the trial went very well, especially since we really didn’t practice that much. Pretty much everyone was paying attention the whole time and all of the attorneys put did a good job of proving their points. It went a little crazy with the objections though. But overall I think we did pretty well.

  6. The trial went pretty good, everyone participated. And I got to say that, everyone was kind of getting into it. The defended and the procicuters were the most interesting thing ever. Also, I have to giv e credit to all the witnesses. I think that everyone did a good job. It was a fun activitie. I enjoyed it.

  7. I think that the trial was pretty intersting. There was alot of confussion, during the trial. Just based on the arguments and object witht he lawyers. It was getting pretty tense and I would say fustrating. But hey, I think that everyone did a good job. It was fun to watch the two disagrrements of the book go into action. Even if the defended side was a little confusing, i did understand what she meant. Everyone did a good job. It was funny & serious.

  8. I feel that the trial went better than I expected. There was a little confusion and more arguing that necessary, but overall it was okay. We can now use this trial to improve the next time we do a project like this.

  9. I don’t think the trial went well at all, my part anyway. The other team was well prepared and did super good. I wish I hadn’t volunteered I made myself out to be a complete fubar.

  10. I thought the trial went well as a whole. Both sides had good detials and facts to prove their position on the book. Also the witness questionings went well and showed knowledge of the book. Aside from the arguements by the opposing sides it was fine.

  11. I agree that this trial is a little sketchy. But I think that the whole trial thing will turn out fine.

  12. I think this trial is a little sketchy. Not many people are doing research for their positions in the trial. The defense side is lacking members, but I hope that in the trial we will know what to do. I think that in the end, the trial will be successful as long as we all participate and give our full attention and seriousness to the camera.

  13. I think all the facts will be accurate, but the part that will lack is calling up witnesses. I’m a little worried as to how that’s going to work out, because first off we only have two and second off both are on the prosecution side from what I’ve seen. This means the defense has no witnesses, which is an unfair advantage, and all they will have are facts. So in my opinion it seems like it’s just going to turn into a debate, but I’m hopeful everything will go well and this will turn out to be like an actual court case. If it does turn out well it will be a lot of fun, but either I think both sides will have good points and we will just have to wait to see the outcome.

  14. I think it would be more professional if someone played Mark Twain. Also all his books seem to be controversial so maybe we could have some cross examination about that. I agree with Zara also, it will be a good trial if everyone does their part and if everyone contributes ideas.

  15. I think as long as everyone puts in the work to research the side the are defending, the trial will go well. I also love the idea of having a humorous trial as well as a serious one.

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