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  1. For my research paper, I diagnosed whether or not The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn should be taught in school or not. After reading pshycologists’ opinions and analyzing the book I found it to be a good moral lesson that should be taught at a high school age level.

  2. For my research paper I will do a character analysis on Jim. About run-away slaves. After reading the book on it, he was one of my favorite characters in the book. I’m going to research on the history of slaves, and how they came over to america, and what they did and how they suffered. I will also research on the book; on the time it took place and where and contrast on both historys of what I find about the slaves to the book.

  3. For my research paper, I’m going to write about a few facts about Mark Twain and why he liked rivers so much that many of his settings in his novels were of rivers.

  4. For my reserach paper I am going to write a character analysis on Jim, the runaway slave. I will research slavery at the time when the book takes place and in depth, explain what it was like to be in his position and quote his feelings and emotions throughout the book.

  5. My paper is about how Huck show’s loyalty throughout the book. He not only shows it to Tom, but also to Jim. Jim is a slave who even Huck looks down on, but he stick with him no matter how many chances he had to have a better life just by giving up Jim. He gave up everything all because of a promise he made. I believe this shows his loyalty to who he realizes is one of his best friends.

  6. I didn’t really have a topic, so I didn’t do my research paper. When I find a topic I plan on writing my paper.

  7. My research paper is about how freedom is the underlining theme in Huckleberry Finn. Also how fear is the motivation behind most everyone’s actions and the importance that Huck is a “Teenager”, or starting to make his own decisions.

  8. For my HUck Finn research paper I did a character study concerning Huck Finn, Jim, and MIss Watson. In writing my paper i concluded that Huck is much more caring and generouse then most people for his time, and Jim’s is much more intellegent than we think. Miss Watson provides a link to society in the 1800’s. I plan on making my essay better by going more in depth about the characters and use some in text citations.

  9. For my reasearch paper I wrote about the Time Period, Setting, and Culture. Some things I talked about were when the novel took place and where it took place. I also wrote about the culture of the story such as belifs and lifestyles.

  10. For my Huckleberry Finn essay I’m going to write about camp meetings their importance in the book and how it relates to American history. I’m going to research the origions of camp meetings, what happened at them, and how this relates to “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”

  11. For my Huckleberry Finn essay I’m going to write on the abolitionist perspective in the book. I’m going to research abolitionism and show points in the book where Twain expresses abolitionist views.

  12. Mark Twain’s wife, Olivia Langdon Clemens, proofread and edited all his manuscripts after their marriage. She was reportedly better educated than her husband, and is credited with making his writing more palatable to female readers. She removed crude and rude terms and incidents, with Twain’s approval. (Three sources)

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